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It was a pleasure to play at Herne Bay Jazz and Swing Festival on The Pier Stage yesterday.  There was a large and appreciative crowd, and the weather was perfect.  We were joined by Andee Birkett on bass guitar who played brilliantly at very short notice.  We played a selection of material from the EPs In Search of Avet and Time and Place.  The whole festival was an amazing event, and largely free, due to the tireless work of organiser Kai Hoffman.



The new EP, In Search of Avet, is released on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms.


See Original Music page for details.

Titles are:


Kenny (feat. Ginger Bennett)


In Search of Avet


Daphne Mixes It, Down at the Oast


Ephemeral (feat. Hilary Cameron)




As work continues on the new EP for release in July, this week saw the string quartet recording session for the tune Ephemeral.  It was a joy to work with the Premiere String Quartet and also Ed Deegan at Gizzard Studios in East London.  Here is a link to a short video from that session. String Quartet @ Gizzard Studios 


Delighted to have an appearance at Herne Bay Jazz Festival 2023 confirmed!  We'll be playing a complete set on the prestigious Pier Stage on Sunday 20th August, mid afternoon.  The Festival has been established for a few years, regularly features some auspicious jazz artists and is totally free!


I've been working hard on four new pieces for release in the early Summer 2023.  Here's a recent clip from the studio where Jonathan Ward and Flo Moore are laying down the grooves.  This tune, Kenny, was debuted at Pizza Express Live in January. 

Kenny Studio Session


Following the successful live debut of Time and Place at Pizza Express Live, London, in January, here's a live recording of our finale, Kenny. Featuring the vocals of Ginger Bennett and some spirited playing by the band.


I'm currently reviewing and mixing the recordings from Pizza Express Live, London and will be releasing edited highlights on my Soundcloud page.