Paul Speare


Wincheap Shoe Step (live at Herne Bay Jazz Festival 2023).


A clip from my band's live performance at this great event.

Moving Canvas (2021) by Paul Weller (from the album Fat Pop). 


I played baritone sax on this track and some others from the album.

More (2020) by Paul Weller (from the album On Sunset)


I played baritone sax and flute on this amazing production.  The flute parts are two flourishes later in the track, the other flute parts are played on a Mellotron, I think.  The string arrangements by Hannah Peel are fantastic too.

Old Father Tyme (2020) by Paul Weller (from the album On Sunset)


I played baritone sax on this track.

Tribute to John Lennon (2020)


I composed and produced the soundtrack for this short film by Harry Pye and Gordon Beswick.  It was one of the exhibits for John Lennon Is Not Dead, a visual art exhibition commemorating the 80th birthday of John Lennon in October 2020.


I played alto flute, bass clarinet, saxophones, piano and bass guitar, and programmed the rest.

Here are three tracks from The Dave Ingham Group (The D.I.G) from their album

A Sea of Green (2019) which I produced.  The band is a quartet from Norwich led by tenor/soprano saxophonist Dave Ingham.


Rhythm tracks recorded at the Drill Hall studios in Beccles, Suffolk.

Saxophones, flutes, editing and mixing at my own studio in Kent.

I have played baritone and tenor sax, and flute, on many of Stone Foundation's albums.  Their 2017 album Street Rituals was produced by Paul Weller, who also sang lead vocal on Your Balloon is Rising.  This lovely song features some of my flute playing.

Carry The News is another Stone Foundation track, from their 2018 album Everybody, Anyone.  This also features Steve White (Style Council) on drums and Mick Talbot (Style Council, Dexys) on piano.  I am playing baritone sax and flute.

Tatters (2009) by Gloria Cycles.

I arranged the brass section and played all the parts on baritone, tenor and alto saxes.  I like the energy of the track but should point out that I had no input to its production.

Live Life, Love Life (1998) ft. Sister Audrey

This was an early venture into songwriting for me, and a privilege to work with such a highly respected reggae artist.


voice Sister Audrey

lyrics, music, saxophones, keyboards & production: Self   

bass guitar & guitar: Nick Doyne-Ditmas

drums & percusssion: Frank Byng                                                 

spoken voices: Victor Henry & Yolanda Speare