Paul Speare


Time and Place is my current music and video project.  The project title refers to times and places which have had some significance in my life, as well as the varying time signatures which I naturally find myself using.  Also, the time had come for me to finally embark on a project of my own after many years of thinking about it, and the place - Canterbury, where I now live - seemed right for this.


At the end of March 2022 I gathered together a small group of fantastic musicians for two days at Space Sequoia, a studio in the countryside near Canterbury.  We rehearsed and recorded four new instrumental pieces which I'd been working on for nearly a year.  These were released from April 2022. 

1. Wincheap Shoe Step

2. Hamilton Ho.

3. Fog Over Dagenham Dock

4. Dark Energy

The players on all the pieces are:


Hilary Cameron     keyboard

Simon Golding      electric guitar

Flo Moore             double bass/bass guitar

Jonathan Ward     drums

Myself                   baritone saxophone/flute/

                             alto flute/bass clarinet

In Autumn 2022 I released an EP on streaming services of four new compositions which I produced at my home studio. The same musicians were involved, with the addition of the soul/jazz vocalist Ginger Bennett.


A CD album is available on Bandcamp which includes the EP tracks plus remixes of the original live video performances.